Our Heros

All of our Military Heroes are special people who heed a selfless calling to defend and protect those in need.  We invite you to tell us about your favorite Hero.  The Hero Wall will feature a short biography* and photo of your Hero on both a dedicated page on the Zinzow Law Foundation website, as well as a tribute to your Hero displayed at a specific station at the Annual Salute and Shoot Event.

Contact Tara Zinzow at the Zinzow Law Foundation to purchase a Hero Wall Sponsorship or see the sponsorship page under the events tab for more details.

*You may provide a biography or we can help you write a biography.

Hero Wall

Andrew G. Marro

Dec. 27, 1958 – Apr. 11, 2014

Raleigh T. Arendall

May 11, 1916 – Jul. 23, 1966

Jeff Widmer

Nov. 21, 1964

Byron L. Kennedy

Dec. 14, 1895 – May 1980

Gordon W. Daisley

1902 – Jul. 13,1979

Byron L. Kennedy

Aug. 11, 1969 – Oct. 26, 2006

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